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In our on-going efforts to make everyone comfortable with Live Sound Reinforcement (which we use for pretty much ALL NSP Main Stage and Youth Shows) we’re building a Sound Reinforcement Training Page. Please take a look at these Videos, and you’ll find your knowledge of this mysterious craft growing very quickly! This is a work in progress, so as I can I’ll add videos as well as commentary to the videos so you’ll have an idea what’s to be learned from each video.

This page focuses on Audio. If you’d like Lighting Design Tutorials, find that here…

If something brings up specific questions, please drop me a line at and I’ll endeavor to get you the answers, and it will also very likely add value to this Training Page as well. Thanks, Erik


Church Sound Engineer Training Session #1

Although this video is Band Focused, it’s actually one of the best ones here. David Wills, the presenter here is simply FANTASTIC, and makes some wonderful points about sound systems.

The small 3-Channel System David speaks of at first (to his right on the shelf there…) is VERY similar to the new Small Powered Speakers System NSP just purchased. The “Mic to Mixer to Amp to Speaker” System is NSP’s normal Large System we use for most Main Stage and Youth Shows.


Good Sounds “Sound Production for the Theater”



OSP HS-09 Reviews

Good Sounds Training on Mic Plot and Palladium



 Shure SLX Wireless Tutorial

 STAGE TUTORIAL – Basic Signal Flow for most Sound Systems (Including NSP’s)





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