2016 Summer Youth Workshop


NSP Summer Theatre Workshop

Performance Time and Date:  7 PM,  Friday, August 12th at Beverly High School;  Tickets: $10

Welcome to the 2016 Summer Youth Workshop Page



  • Premiering Summer 2016 exclusively for the North Shore Players
  • Summer Youth Theatre Workshop
  • August 8-12, 2016
  • Ages 8-13


What does it mean to be different?

Students are shocked to find that their school will be infiltrated with new attendees; a very different student body sporting a completely new way of life. They don’t speak the same, dress the same. They don’t look like normal students do. Yet they must find a way to co-exist. Using tunes adapted from pop culture, this musical adventure will follow a group of kids – both different and the same – as they ask themselves: how will I react when my world is overturned? Who will I become when everyone else around me is so different?

  • Workshop participants will learn and practice the creation & production of theatre, music, dance and storytelling over a five-day period. Backstage studies are also offered, as a full production will take place at the end of the week.
  • Counselor positions are available by application for ages 14-18.
  • The workshop takes place 9AM-4PM daily at the Hogan Auditorium, Danvers, Massachusetts.
  • The performance is on Friday, August 12, 2016 at 7:00PM
  • The final performance space is at Beverly High School

email director SamanthaGambaccini@gmail.com for more information!


Workshop Details NSP 2016  (PDF Format)

Timeline 2016 NSP  (PDF Format)

Reg Form 2016 NSP  (PDF Format)

Reg Form 2016 NSP  (Word Format)

Parent Form 2016 NSP  (PDF Format)

Parent Form 2016 NSP  (Word Format)

NSP 2016 Ad  (PDF Format)

Directors Letter NSP 2016  (PDF Format)

Counselor App NSP 2016  (PDF Format)

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